Hybrid vs. Electric: Which is Right for You?

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Are you wondering the differences between hybrid cars vs. electric cars? If you’re looking to switch from a traditional gas-powered vehicle, then either a hybrid vs. electric car is what you want. Now, you need to know what each offers and what their differences are from each other. 

At Kent County Motors in Dover, we can help you find an eco-friendly car that is right for you. But first, let’s compare hybrid vs. electric cars. Contact us to book an appointment.

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars: the Basics

Before we dive into the benefits of hybrid cars vs. electric cars it is crucial to understand their differences. Here, we explain the basics about each vehicle and what differentiates a hybrid vs. electric:

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are still gas-powered. However, unlike conventional gas-powered only vehicles, they do not rely only on their gas engines. Instead, Hybrid vehicles have a second electric engine that generates power as well. Together, the gas engine and electric motor collaborate to produce enough power collectively for you to drive Middletown roads.

The hybrid of the two engines is what gives this vehicle its name. Due to the blended power source, there is a significant improvement in gas mileage. The electric motor battery self-charges so, you don’t typically have to plug it in anywhere.

Electric Cars

Electric Vehicles (EVs) solely run on electric power. There is no gas or engine involved. Electric vehicles generate their power from a battery and electric motor. Under the hood, the battery is much larger than the battery under the hood of a hybrid car since an electric vehicle battery generates more power to drive. An electric vehicle does need to be plugged into a home or charging station to charge the battery. The mileage you have to drive with depends on how much of the battery is charged. However, you will never have to pump gas again.

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

Smyrna drivers who may want to make the switch to a more environmentally-friendly vehicle but are wary will want to opt for a hybrid vehicle. Not only is a hybrid vehicle better for the environment compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, but it has major fuel-saving costs without you having to sacrifice your driving needs. Here are the benefits of hybrid Vehicles:

  • The battery charges itself
  • You can stop and fuel up at any gas station
  • Hybrids are often more affordable than EVs

The hybrid vehicle gives you the best of both worlds. You can still go on long road trips without worrying about running out of gas since you can still use gas to power your car.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles do not use gas at all as a power source. Therefore, you will save a lot of money in the long run. If you’re looking to better the environment but still need a vehicle, an EV is perfect for you. Here are some benefits of an electric vehicle:

  • Low or zero tailpipe emissions
  • Quieter ride with no engine noise
  • No money spent on gas 
  • Fewer maintenance costs (no oil changes or engine upkeep)
  • Potential EV incentives based on your location 
  • Flexible charging options, including home & public options

Electric vehicles are an excellent investment for diminishing your carbon footprint without sacrificing your means of transportation. If you do not drive much and tend to stick near Milford, charging your EV will come few and far between. 

Not to say that you cannot go farther, you sure can! You will need to map out the various charging stations along your route. Keep in mind; that you need to dedicate time since charging an EV takes longer than pumping gas. 

Compare Hybrid vs. Electric Cars at Kent County Motors

So, which will you choose, a hybrid vs. electric? Did our comparison of the hybrid vs. electric car help you decide? Or are you still curious about hybrid cars vs. electric cars? Either way, Kent County Motors can help you with your decision. Take a look at our new vehicle inventory. Our finance team can assist you in buying or leasing a hybrid car or EV. Visit our dealership to see either in person!

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